Beef Noodle Soup


Pho should be served at Burger King ‘cause it’s one dish you make your way.  The Northerners like it plain without a lot o garnish while those from the South put extra chicken, fish, and sometimes beef along with all sorts of herbs and sprouts.  As we’ve said before the French really influenced Vietnamese cuisine and many think that the name Pho came from the French Feu in pot au feu.  Unlike Chinese preparations many Viet dishes are slowly cooked and their flavors adjusted like French stews.

4, 5, or 6 pounds beef bones or shanks WITH marrow

2 pounds ox tail segments, optional

4 inch ginger, sliced once lengthwise, fire blackened

2 or 3 halved onions peeled, fire blackened

8 whole pieces star anise to taste

9 inches cinnamon stick to taste

4 ounces dried cuttle fish – fish sauce

1ounce rock sugar (regular works)

1 pound brisket, cubed stew meat, optional

1-2 pounds rice noodles, rehydrated

½ to 1 pound thinly sliced semi tender beef

2 ounces a person beef tendon, optional

2 each beef balls halved, optional


1.      Cover the bones and oxtails with water, bring to boil for 5 minutes, drain & RINSE. Cover with water or stock and boil gently

2.      Add next 6 ingredients simmer till oxtail is tender, skin occasionally, remove bones and oxtail, strain stock back into pot

3.      Add cubed brisket and simmer till tender

4.      Place into large personal bow:  noodles, sliced beef, tendon & meat balls

5.      Ladle boiling stock over ingredients and add your choice of available goodies

Mint                      Culantro                               Bean sprouts                     Sliced Chilies                      Lime

Basil                       Chili Sauce                           Green Onions                    Hoisin Sauce                       Nam Pla

You can put almost anything you want in including different proteins whatever might be lurking in the cold box from a previous meat, experiment and enjoy your confusion recipe.


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