This is a really easy, extremely popular dish to prepare requiring few ingredients and is quickly cooked on the barbeque.  It makes a perfect meal served with an assorted Viet green salad and some rice or rice noodles.  Soy seasoning is not Chinese sow sauce but another East Asian soy based sauce that usually comes in a square bottle and is also known as Maggi.  If you like your food spicy, as I do, adds some chili paste to the marinade.

1 each 4 ounce pork chops, bone in, or pork loin

1 tablespoon+ sugar to taste

1 tablespoon fish sauce to taste

2 tablespoons liquid soy seasoning

2 tablespoons lemon grass, crushed

6 each bay leaves, whole

  •  Place the chops in a non reactive bowl
  •  Add the next five ingredients and marinate overnight               
  •  Remove – broil over hot barbeque, fry if you must
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